Red Dot Design Award winner 2021

Laserclean ALCS series 1000 2300 S(F)

Red Dot Design Award
winner 2021 industrial design

Representing the entire ALCS series, the Laserclean ALCS 1700 SF won the prestigious design award thanks to its attractive and modern design. In a world that focusses on industrial efficiency and cost, it is a great achievement to combine a beautiful machine design with robustness, advanced technical solutions and the highest ease of use.

The jury was especially thrilled by the smart design of the LED status indicator, the top-opening cabinet, and the nicely integrated operator panel that through its intuitive software and build-in camera allows for efficient, safe and easy machine operation.

This is what the jury said

“The white color and minimalistic curved plating replace the industry standard of a machine that is built with an iron frame and finished in grey or black. It makes the ALCS 1700 SF an instant eye catcher.”