Off-line means to clean the roller outside the printing press on a special table or in a special machine. Laserclean developed the ALCS 2500S, a static machine which is being used for off-line cleaning in professional printing companies. Also, in our service truck we offer offline cleaning.

In-line (or sometimes refered to as on-line) means that the roller remains build in the printing press. Time consuming and difficult removal of rollers is not needed. For cleaning the press needs to rotate the roller and the laser gun connected to a mobile laser unit (ALCS 2500) moves on a special fixed rail parallel to the roller until the roller is clean.

Off-line cleaning is suitable for firms that can easily remove rollers or possess sufficient rollers. Collecting dirty rollers provides for a cost saving because more rollers can be cleaned in an easier way in our service truck or static machine.

In-line cleaning is the perfect method for large printing presses which do not allow for easy removal of the rollers. Some of the largest machines can even continue to operate while rollers are being cleaned one by one, reducing downtime to zero.