ALCS-2500 Inline

ALCS 2500 – Inline laser cleaning solution

Evolution in mobile laser cleaning

Laserclean develops, produces and sells state-of-the-art machines for laser cleaning of Anilox rollers. Our ALCS 2500 machine only weighs 70 kg and is easy to handle and operate. Just a few years ago a ”mobile” laser unit weighted over 400 kg. There is currently no other supplier of mobile laser machines  for efficient in-line cleaning. Our mobile laser cleaning machine ALCS 2500 is the result of many years of experience in laser cleaning at the customer’s site combined with innovative technological solutions. In our service trucks we operate ALCS 2500 machines for build-in Anilox rollers.

Technical specifications and application  

Based in The Netherlands, Laserclean operates its own service truck(s) throughout Europe, from the UK to Poland and from Denmark to the South of France and Austria. Outside this range we cooperate with service partners who, after purchasing an ALCS 2500 mobile laser machine, can opt to become an exclusive service partner in their country or geography. The proven strong business model of laser cleaning service advocates purchase of an  ALCS 2500 and accompanying tools by entrepreneurs and firms that want to become or remain succesful in the cleaning- and printing industry.

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