Laserclean - ALCS 1000 S

ALCS 1000 SF Offline lasercleaning solution for Narrow Web

Superior laser cleaning of label rollers and sleeves 

Laserclean develops, produces and sells state-of-the-art machines for laser cleaning of Anilox rollers. The ALCS 1000 SF is the world’s first in easy, fast and safe laser cleaning of rollers and sleeves for label printing (Narrow Web). It is suitable for label rollers and sleeves of up to 100 centimeters and 25 kg, with diameter between 50 mm and 200 mm, and removing of barings and chain wheels is not needed. Intensive cleaning of a label roller takes aproximately 7 minutes. The user friendliness is exceptional. Our machines are equiped with data logging and internet connection to further improve and safeguard your printing and cleaning processes.

Technical specifications and application 

The static laser cleaning machine ALCS 1000 SF results from large demand for a label roller cleaning system with laser. Our new machine is designed for professional label printing companies that wish to operate in-house laser cleaning. Owning an ALCS 1000 SF reduces the use of chemicals and ink because frequent cleaning is more easy and economic. Simultaneously, printing quality always remains at the highest level as rollers and sleeves are functioning like new. Purchasing an ALCS 1000 SF is an investment in the highest quality printing and efficient cleaning of your Anilox rollers.

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